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    Get beyond the limitations of classroom training

    JLL is a global professional services firm specializing in real estate and investment management with 91,000 employees and offices in 80 countries. When JLL discovered BetterUp in 2018, its leaders were engaged but exhausted. A demanding client-driven work environment meant that managers needed targeted, ongoing support that offered more than standard classroom training, which can be easily forgotten. 

    To develop agile leaders in a rapidly changing global marketplace, JLL sought to deliver a program that could change mindsets for the long term while meeting leaders exactly where they are in their leadership journey. In addition, the Learning and Development team aims to ensure that JLL employees feel supported and cared for, and to do so, felt strongly about delivering personalized support to drive employee engagement and satisfaction. 

    Listen to the voices of our partners and members
    The leaders that have gone through this program are seeing the teams that they manage and lead actually more engaged, more excited to come to work, to bring their whole selves to work. And at the end of the day, that's where the profits come from.
    — Adam Massman, Head of Global Learning & Leadership Development

    Enhancing global agility and engagement with 1:1 coaching

    The BetterUp partnership began with offering Dedicated 1:1 coaching to 200 global leaders at JLL. The global availability of BetterUp coaching was especially important to JLL; leaders could be coached in their native language with respect for cultural differences.

    Beginning in 2020, it became paramount for JLL to help leaders remain agile and build resilience through massive disruption in the commercial real estate industry. Now, as JLL looks toward the future of real estate, BetterUp coaching is a proven resource that helps the company build and reinforce high-performing leadership practices at scale.

    To get started, employees take the Whole Person assessment to identify areas of strength and opportunity. From there, employees will select a coach, and set up their first meeting (to be held on either mobile or desktop): 


    Coached leaders drive retention and satisfaction

    Every leader begins in a different place, but the Whole Person™ skills that BetterUp measures are universal. JLL saw immediate results in the behaviors that mattered most: Mindset, Guiding Others, and Motivating Others. Enhanced mindset skills give JLL leaders the Mental Fitness to adapt to change and bring new perspectives to their role. Strong growth in guiding others means that managers are better equipped to keep their teams aligned and on track. Finally, growth in motivating others demonstrates that managers are empowering their teams to do their best work.

    The overall results–and the reason that JLL continues to invest in BetterUp–are employee engagement and retention. The positive energy coached leaders bring to their work is contagious throughout the business as they model the skills and mindsets that help all employees adapt to whatever comes next.

    On average, employees who worked with BetterUp experienced the following growth: 


    growth on Key Mindsets

    growth in Guiding Others
    growth in Motivating Others

    increase in Employee Engagement

    "Being able to say to our employees, ‘we have this really personal program that's going to be tailored just for you’ is pretty game-changing. It makes them feel completely loved, completely welcomed, and completely engaged as an employee."

    — Adam Massman, Head of Global Learning & Leadership Development
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