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Compass builds coaching culture and community with 1:1 coaching

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    Community values at scale in the service industry

    Compass Group, a global foodservice and support service provider, is one of the largest employers in the world, with 80% of its workforce represented by front-line employees. Strong community values and an emphasis on relationships help Compass support its operations in award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, and museums.

    Personalized skills development needed to strengthen relationships

    To strengthen its community values, Compass wanted to build a culture of coaching and feedback. The company knew that if its leaders had the resources to grow and shape themselves, they could better grow and shape their people. Because impacts to the business are felt by everyone differently, Compass sought to support its leaders with a personalized solution.

    The Whole Person Model really allows you to think about you as the individual, but also you as the leader and how can you thrive and motivate people while also not losing sight of yourself and your own development.
    — Christina Lomax, Vice President, Talent & Development, Compass Group USA

    Coaching as a resource during uncertainty

    Beginning in 2019, Compass began offering 1:1 Dedicated Coaching and Specialist Network coaching to senior leaders. Based on early success, the program was expanded to mid-level managers, particularly those who had just received promotions. When the pandemic hit, Compass was equipped with an effective resource to help leaders manage stress, build resilience, and stay future-focused during significant uncertainty.

    When employees begin their Dedicated Coaching journey, they will have access to insights on their growth, receive recommended strategies to support learning, as well as articles and exercises to propel sustained behavior change:


    Compass builds better leaders and better culture

    Building a culture of coaching and feedback can feel scary at first. But with coaching behaviors modeled by a certified Coach, leaders at Compass could develop the skills needed to support their team members. A significant increase in Coaching, a skill on the BetterUp Whole Person™ Assessment, means that more individuals at Compass are supported to develop their careers and achieve organizational goals, ultimately improving employee satisfaction.

    On average, employees who worked with BetterUp experienced the following growth: 


    increase in Engagement

    increase in Coaching Capabilities
    increase in Alignment

    A relationship-based culture depends on Alignment, the ability to ensure everyone is working towards a common goal. Substantial improvements in Alignment, Engagement, and Stress Management mean that not only is Compass building enthusiastic teams that move the business forward, all the way to the front line, but it is also doing so in a sustainable way.

    When I talk to somebody that has utilized BetterUp, I can tell immediately. I can tell that there is an excitement. I can tell there is almost a twinkle in the eye. That's a fantastic return on investment.
    — Cindy Noble, Chief People Officer, Compass Group USA

    Personal and professional development is not one-size-fits-all. Give your teams the digital coaching that supports all of their needs.

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    JLL equips leaders with skills to reimagine the future of real estate
    Workday builds resilience in a time of rapid growth


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