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BetterUp’s New, Industry-Leading Research Shows Companies That Fail at Belonging Lose Tens of Millions in Revenue | BetterUp

October 1, 2019 - 4 min read

Platform updates include an AI-powered coach matching algorithm; localization in multiple new languages; a new analytics dashboard with real-time reporting; fully automated integration with HCM systems

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — October 1, 2019 — BetterUp, a pioneer in mobile-based, professional coaching, announced today new features to its leadership development platform that drive transformational and lasting employee behavior change, resulting in improved business outcomes across organizations globally.

The new features, which include an AI-powered coach matching algorithm, localization in 6 new languages, a new analytics dashboard, and new automated integration options with leading HCM systems, enhance BetterUp’s ability to deliver hyper-personalized coaching and people analytics to organizations.

“People are at the heart of organizational transformation, but much of the $200 billion that corporations spend each year on learning and development is ineffective,” said Alexi Robichaux, CEO and Co-Founder of BetterUp. “To increase the effectiveness of the learning investment, it must be highly personalized, adaptive, and measurable, which is exactly what BetterUp delivers. I’m excited that our newest features give organizations the ability to directly map investments in leadership development to desired business outcomes.”

Gaurav Kataria, VP Product at BetterUp added, “Our latest features give customers increased visibility into the data and analytics needed to assess coaching effectiveness and ROI. They also build upon the machine learning and AI capabilities that we use to power the enterprise grade features on our platform.”

To further define itself as a leader in the mobile coaching and leadership development space, the BetterUp platform now includes the following:

  • AI-powered coach matching algorithm: The algorithm delivers personalized recommendations to better match employees with one of over 1,600 coaches, based on 150 unique variables, including employee seniority level, where employees are on their career journeys, and which coaches have previously worked with similar types of employees and had the most success. The algorithm has already achieved over a 97% accuracy rate.
  • Enhanced ROI mapping: An upgraded evidence-based data model monitors and measures 35 changes in employee behavior and mindsets that are mapped to desired business outcomes such as employee productivity, job performance, employee engagement, and job satisfaction.
  • Automated integration capabilities with any HCM system: BetterUp now integrates with virtually all leading Human Capital Management (HCM) systems. These new integrations provide access to real-time people analytics and the ability to slice employee data by a plethora of dimensions including by industry, job function and level, organizational tenure, leadership tenure, whether they have undergone recent leadership skills training, and more.
  • New People Analytics Dashboard with real-time reporting: Everyone from line of business leaders to human resources managers can now easily access real-time reports and data visualizations on productivity, performance, and engagement metrics for both individuals and teams. These metrics are now shown against industry benchmarks to give managers better context on how to assess the performance of their teams.
  • Expanded availability in more languages: BetterUp offers 1:1 coaching sessions in 30 languages across 62 countries. In addition to English, BetterUp’s mobile app is now available in six new languages – Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

These new features will support customers in accelerating results, which have already shown a 45% increase in employee productivity, a 63% increase in retention, a 35% increase in organizational agility, and a 29% increase in employee engagement.

BetterUp’s growing global network of coaches is held to rigorous standards, with an acceptance rate of only 8% of all coaches that apply. By combining this expert human interaction with the latest advances in scientific research and digital technologies including AI and ML, BetterUp is enabling enterprise customers to create a more skilled and productive workforce.

Along with its core coaching product, BetterUp last year expanded its platform to offer on-demand coaching and an extended network of experts to address such issues as public speaking, sleep, and nutrition.

Visit the BetterUp website to learn more about the platform.

Published October 1, 2019

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