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BetterUp wins Brandon Hall Group GOLD for Excellence in Technology Award

February 5, 2021 - 6 min read

BetterUp was awarded Gold in the Brandon Hall 2020 Technology Excellence Awards, Best Advance in Online Coaching Tools.


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Seven years ago when Alexi Robichaux and Eddie Medina founded BetterUp, they had a vision that went beyond developing the world's first mobile-enabled coaching platform. Launching the BetterUp platform was the first step in their mission to help people around the world - regardless of level, geography or socioeconomic status - live their lives with clarity, passion, and purpose.

I joined the company in 2015 to help build human-centered technology that would enable our vision of scaling transformational experiences. I’m proud to be leading an exceptional team of engineers and partnering with product designers who are innovating at the frontiers of AI, world-class coaching, and evidence-based practices. We’re honored to be awarded with Brandon Halls’ 2020 Technology Excellence Award and are excited to share a few elements of our platform that enable us to drive impact for our customers.

Evidence-based approach and assessments

Our technology helps us monitor and measure our client’s behaviors and mindsets so we can identify how they’re affecting your business outcomes in real-time. Our upgraded evidence-based data model helps us create comprehensive, multi-dimensional plans to meet the specific needs of your organization at scale.  

With 150+ science-backed psychological, behavioral, and organizational variables, we take pride in creating coaching plans that speak to our clients’ strengths and inspire growth towards your desired business outcomes. 

People analytics dashboard

For real-time insights that help employers measure key engagement statistics, we’ve created a robust and easily-accessible analytics dashboard.  From member participation and satisfaction to aggregated conversation topics and goal progress - employers can see the real-time impact of coaching on the mindsets and behaviors of their talent. 

What’s most exciting for us? As our global client network grows, the pool of data and evidence we have to create highly effective plans for our clients expands as well, allowing us to craft more specific and impactful strategies. 

Hyper Personalized Mobile Experience

The future of learning and development is not cookie-cutter coaching, but hyper-personalized coaching at scale, for all levels of workers. 

BetterUp’s platform, enhanced through Identify AI™  innovation, delivers highly-individualized coaching on-the-go, allowing members to experience real-time coaching in the flow of work When employees receive learning tailored to their needs and preferences, our research shows they put in twice the effort, experiencing a 180% increase in job effectiveness.

Our dedication to providing feedback where and when it’s most valued by our clients is what differentiates us. Adapting is our norm, and given the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve passionately worked to incorporate feedback and strategies to adapt to new challenges in workplace dynamics.

Identify AI ™  

In 2020, BetterUp announced our launch of Identify AI ™, a proprietary AI-driven algorithm. Identify AI ™  helps organizations determine who needs what type of coaching when within an organization to deliver more effective, personalized coaching at scale to employees at any level.

BetterUp scientists spent two years developing Identify AI ™, which uses millions of data points to identify worker goals, strengths, challenges, inflection points, and skills. Identify AI ™ then overlays each employee’s goals and perspective with organizational priorities, creating individual-specific coaching that affects real change. 

Identify AI ™ takes everything it learns and finds the best type and amount of coaching to meet the needs of each employee. Combining where employees are in their careers, learning preferences and readiness for coaching, Identify AI ™ readily embraces the unique position of each employee to provide the most effective pathways towards growth. 

Continued innovation in coaching modalities

We began BetterUp with a desire to provide easily accessible coaching plans from top coaches in the market. Now, in addition to offering a dedicated coach, we’ve introduced specialized coaches in sleep coaching, nutrition, diversity and inclusion, executive, navigating uncertainty, peak performance, sales, working parents, communication. We also have on-demand coaching available within an hour, and Coaching Circles ™ - our first group coaching experience. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching, and we’re committed to ongoing innovation and personal growth to continue providing you with the best specialized coaching and development feedback on the market. 

We are so proud to be awarded GOLD in Brandon Hall’s Technology Excellence Award and are excited to continue leading with cutting-edge technology and creative innovation that helps everyone live a life they love. 

You can click here to view our Brandon Hall Group Technology Excellence Award.

Published February 5, 2021

Ryan Sonnek

Chief Technology Officer

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