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Employee Experience

14 min read | June 28, 2022

Trends in the federal workforce: A review of the 2021 FEVS

BetterUp’s Government team of Ph.D. behavioral scientists conducted an analysis, identifying trends in the 2021 FEVS for leaders across federal government. Read More
Employee Experience
21 min read | June 27, 2022

Why addressing wage compression is a retention tool

Wage compression can damage morale and increase turnover. But there are actions you can take to address it before it becomes a real problem. Read More
Employee Experience
11 min read | June 24, 2022

5 ways to recognize employees

There are plenty of ways to recognize your employees. Try these 5 methods of employee recognition — and create a culture of connection. Read More
Employee Experience
21 min read | June 24, 2022

Employee onboarding: How a great start leads to great results

An employee onboarding process has the power to boost retention, satisfaction, and productivity. Learn how to create your own phenomenal onboarding process. Read More
Employee Experience
15 min read | June 23, 2022

The secret to a seamless offboarding experience (and why it matters)

Here’s how to build an effective offboarding process to foster boomerang employees and garner useful feedback from employees. Read More
Employee Experience
22 min read | June 22, 2022

12 tools to increase employee engagement in 2022

Employee engagement tools can boost retention, increase productivity, and improve the employee experience. Find the best tools for your organization here. Read More
Employee Experience
27 min read | June 17, 2022

Struggling with employee engagement? This guide can help

With this step-by-step employee engagement guide, you can start engaging your employees. Find out the 4 factors needed to be successful — and get started. Read More
14 min read | June 10, 2022

How to make vacation mindset last all year long

Despite the well-known benefits of taking breaks, many of us struggle to disconnect from work. Here are some ways to harness vacation brain. Read More
Employee Experience
19 min read | June 9, 2022

Democratic leadership style: How to make it work as a team

Learn what the democratic leadership style is. Discover how to implement it in your business to create high-functioning teams involved in decision-making. Read More
Employee Experience
13 min read | May 10, 2022

A beginner’s guide to 5 progressive HR practices

These five progressive HR practices can help manage disruption and increase retention across your organization. Read More
Employee Experience
14 min read | April 28, 2022

Why it's good to have a BFF at work and how to find one

How do I make friends at work? We spend so much time at our jobs, this is a common question. Here are our top tips for getting to know your coworkers. Read More
Employee Experience
40 min read | April 13, 2022

35 fun virtual team-building activities for your employees

A tarot reading with a dog, pancakes vs. waffles, and trivia. Learn why these 35 fun virtual team building activities will help engage your employees. Read More
Employee Experience
11 min read | April 7, 2022

Why taking a joke isn't the point

What happened at the Oscars was unprecedented — but it sparked conversations about when jokes go too far. And it’s more than one person that gets hurt. Read More
Employee Experience
17 min read | April 6, 2022

Is quitting contagious? 5 ways to fight turnover contagion

Losing one key team member is bad enough. How do you keep a departure from starting an exodus? Find out what turnover contagion is and 5 ways to fight it. Read More