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The world’s largest network of certified coaches meets your employees where they are, helping them achieve their goals as they drive lasting behavior change aligned to business outcomes.

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What Is Coaching?

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The ROI of BetterUp Coaching

1:1 coaching

Many challenges are best tackled in pairs. We use AI to match members with the best professional coach to help navigate personal and professional challenges in ways that have been shown to support growth. BetterUp has a 97% success rate in matching coaches with members.

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Specialist coaching

In business, there are times when deep specialization is required to achieve results. The same is true for coaching. Our extended specialist network allows you to add coaches to your bench to support unique employee needs and targeted skill development. Specialty areas include: Nutrition, Effective Communication, Sleep, Peak Performance, and Sales Mindset.

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On-demand coaching

Sometimes challenges come up when we least expect them. Target in-the-moment issues by dialing an expert coach on demand. Members are matched with a coach who is best suited to equip them with evidence-backed methods and techniques to tackle the issue at hand with confidence.

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By the numbers

  • 2,000+ coaches globally
  • Coaching in 32+ languages
  • Support across all 24 time zones
  • Coaches located in 65+ countries
  • 8% coach application to acceptance rate
  • 97% coach satisfaction rate

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Our content library

Our entire BetterUp content library is open to all users. This resource was built from years of cutting-edge behavioral science research and some of the world’s best storytelling teams. A coach will start by assigning content to a member as part of their curriculum. Members will also see other recommended content related to their assignments. In addition, they are free to browse and use any content from the library on topics like resilience, team-building and creativity.

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