BetterUp and Workday Partner to Enhance Worker, Workplace Well-Being

September 2, 2019 - 4 min read
BetterUp and Workday Partner to Enhance Worker, Workplace Well-Being

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A Commitment For Change

Striving for True Transformation

Today marks another milestone in our company journey to help workers at all levels flourish in the workplace via the use of coaching, technology and evidence-based research. To better support our customers in this endeavor, we have deepened our strategic and business partnership with one of the most driven and forward-thinking companies in finance and HR today, Workday.

A leading innovator in enterprise cloud applications, Workday shares our focus on enabling workers to grow and improve to the benefit of themselves, their employers and society. Together, we’ll empower enterprises who recognize that investing in their biggest asset, their people, is their best competitive advantage.

As one of Workday Ventures’ newest partners, we’re excited to join Workday for the first time this year at its annual Workday Rising conference, Oct. 1-4, in Las Vegas. Workday Rising attendees will get a first-hand look at BetterUp’s digital platform designed to bring personalized development through one-to-one coaching to employees at all levels to enhance employee health, well-being and productivity.

BetterUp’s mission is to transform human capital from the inside out, providing lasting behavioral change that also transforms the business. By pairing BetterUp’s technology with Workday’s industry-leading HCM suite, through holistic workplace services and measured outcomes, we will prove the case that thriving and flourishing employees are best for a company’s bottom line and talent pool.

A commitment for change

Our commitment to innovation runs deep. First, we pioneered mobile coaching backed by evidence-based science, including a whole-person assessment tool to help identify coaching goals. Now, no competitor is investing as much as us to ensure that we deliver solutions that actually improve human flourishing at work. Over the next five years, we’ll invest $15 million to $20 million in research into the inner lives of workers via our recently announced BetterUp Labs, a first-of-its-kind behavioral research lab.

Workday is also a BetterUp customer. In 2017, BetterUp introduced a pilot program to help Workday people managers grow in their ability to build high trust teams, facilitate career growth for team members, and maintain a positive culture given Workday’s rapid growth. The results were so strong Workday is looking to extend the program beyond the pilot year.

Striving for True Transformation

BetterUp seeks to disrupt the tired, ineffective, $120 billion learning and development industry. That transformation doesn’t occur in a top-down way, but rather starts with individuals. Here at BetterUp, we help those individuals find new ways of being via professional, convenient and tailored coaching.

Together with Workday Ventures, we’ll connect with enterprises that truly seek full transformation of workers and organizations and we will all — the enterprise, BetterUp and Workday — move the needle on the workplace of the future.

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Published September 2, 2019

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