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BetterUp and Workday: Deploy coaching with precision and scale

September 7, 2022 - 8 min read
screen depicting workday integration with betterup

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Meet employees where they're at

The insights your team needs now

Easy setup and launch

Like many business functions, HR is undergoing massive transformation — technology is at the forefront of that change. Core to this shift for People teams is actionable data.

People teams need to access and leverage data to help overcome workforce challenges around retention, well-being, and upskilling, all amid a rapidly shifting and unpredictable business environment. Yet, extracting meaningful insights and applying them to drive impact can be hard. Managing disparate systems, ensuring employees receive the right support at the right time, and doing it in the flow of work isn't easy either. 

For employees, receiving personalized support at the right time can make all the difference. It can tilt engagement, loyalty, belonging, productivity, and more in the right direction. Like your organization, your people are also going through a period of tremendous change, and it's not a straight line for them either. In untraditional times, traditional programmatic approaches to development don't meet employees' unique needs. Interventions can often come late or not at all. Whether changing roles, moving to a new city, or experiencing  major life events, employees need a new layer of support that isn't predictable or synchronized. 

The challenges are clear, but what about the solution? 

By connecting Workday to BetterUp, you get everything your team needs to scale right-time support through coaching to every employee in your organization. The integration securely and seamlessly transmits data from Workday to BetterUp to provide joint customers with new data and real-time insights into where coaching is needed. The result: targeted delivery that creates meaning for the employee and measurable outcomes for your organization.

Here's how it works.

Meet employees where they're at, with the right support

Connecting Workday to BetterUp removes the guesswork and administrative burden of rolling out resources to your people at scale. BetterUp's proprietary algorithm works in harmony with Workday. Your team can seamlessly provision BetterUp coaching to employees at the moments they can benefit from it most, all determined by changes in their status in Workday. Deliver targeted,  contextual coaching to support personal and professional changes, whether they’re a new manager, a new hire, or a new parent. You can ensure that your People team is always there for the moments that matter. 

This connector also helps you maximize the full value of your BetterUp investment — automatically. We plug directly into your organization’s directory to provision users based on the most recent organizational statuses. That means that no matter where an employee is in their growth journey, they'll receive the right level of coaching without any extra work on your end.

Deploying coaching is easier when you connect your HCM withbetterup

When you connect your HCM to BetterUp, deploying coaching is made easier than ever

Timely insights, when you need them

Now more than ever, HR teams want to be more data-driven and show the clear ROI of programs. However, many HR metrics don't provide strategic business value or equip HR leaders with the insight to meet or exceed business goals. Often, this data is used reactively and not in ways directly integrated into daily business goals or in a predictive, proactive manner. A recent PwC survey cited difficulties with insights and analytics as the top technology problem facing HR leaders today. But on the flip side, organizations that successfully leverage people analytics outperform their peers by 3.1X

When you connect Workday to BetterUp, your HR team will get that edge you need and help leaders understand how your coaching investment is transforming your business and your people. All coaching data flows directly into BetterUp's People Analytics Dashboard (PAD). With the BetterUp PAD you can tell a straightforward value story of coaching, starting with the impact on your business. Then drill down into the specific drivers of behavior, learning, and satisfaction. By linking your Workday data with BetterUp, you can go beyond usage and satisfaction metrics to behavioral outcomes like productivity, engagement, well-being, and more. 

With the BetterUp PAD, you can also track behavior change over time. Compare it against benchmarks from an extensive dataset of more than 17,000 working professionals across industries, functions, levels, and demographics. Learn about the top 5 coaching topics your members are talking about each month by role, management level, or department. See the sub-topics within each topic to get a real-time pulse on what is most important and relevant to your people.

actionable insights live on the BetterUp people analytics dashboard (PAD)

Insights you need to drive timely business decisions

Get set up in under an hour — no code required

Only a tiny fraction of partners earn the Workday Design Badge each year. You can be assured that our integration was only approved after rigorous vetting and testing. However, unlike other software integrations, we removed all the complexity for your teams to hit the ground running. Leveraging the out-of-the-box standard Workday API, we typically configure the connection in under an hour — without needing to implement even a single line of code. 

Once we understand your specific goals with the connector, your Account Manager will help you make a plan for data mapping, identify the data you want to bring over, then dispatch our technical team. Our technical team will work directly with your IT team to configure, test, and launch the connection. By default, our integration only pulls the minimum data required. It is limited to details like location, department, management level, and tenure. All data transmitted is private and secure.

screen shot of simple integration between workday and betterup

Thorough vetting and testing to ensure the utmost security and privacy 

The integration is easy, but getting started is even easier. 

Already a BetterUp partner? Reach out to your Account Manager for details about setting up this integration. 

Ready to bring the power of BetterUp and Workday to your organization?

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Published September 7, 2022

Adam Wood

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

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