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A new kind of leadership for a new world of work

September 27, 2021 - 5 min read


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Gain a deeper understanding of your changing workforce

Key findings from our BetterUp 2021 Fall Insights Report

For many organizations, the events of 2020 were a tipping point. Leaders committed to boosting diversity efforts and prioritizing company culture, but just 2% say their investments moved the needle, and still, one in four employees say they don’t feel a sense of belonging at work. 

Against the backdrop of a “war for talent” and record-high quit rate, employees now demand flexibility, space, support, and trust from their organizations. And they want to work with a diverse, inclusive team where they can be their authentic selves

However, our data show that organizations are struggling to meet these new expectations, and employee belonging — a leading indicator of both intent to stay and performance —  is suffering the consequences. What can you do?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the business environment we encounter in the back half of 2021 is not the same as the one we left pre-pandemic. Societal dynamics and employee expectations of their employers are not the same as they were in early 2020. To navigate this new world of work, organizations need a new kind of inclusive leadership.

Gain a deeper understanding of your changing workforce

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve tracked over 10,000 BetterUp Members engaged in our 1:1 personalized coaching. Representing all industries and functions, organizations large and small, these BetterUp Members are a cross-section of the workforce at many of today’s leading companies.

The pandemic alone didn’t change our world, but it did accelerate some long-developing trends, forced broad adoption of new technologies and business models, and amplified areas where the status quo was already broken for your people.

Our in-depth Member data provide a window into the unique differences, challenges, and needs of populations impacted by the pandemic, including underrepresented minorities, women, working parents, and those in hybrid work environments. In addition, you’ll learn how focused investments can better equip your frontline managers to lead all your people in an inclusive way that drives sustained impact, change, and results across your entire organization.

Key findings from our BetterUp 2021 Fall Insights Report

How managers are vital to promoting inclusive leadership

Perhaps no group can create a more sustained and immediate impact on inclusion for your employees than frontline managers. But, to now support their teams, managers need to relearn key mindsets and behaviors to lead people in the new world of work. We break down what it will take. 

Why underrepresented groups need more psychological safety

The pandemic threatens to upend decades of sustained progress on organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives. What’s at stake? Lost talent and a more homogeneous workforce at just the moment when we need a diversity of ideas, perspectives, and approaches to drive performance and innovation in an increasingly complex environment. Learn what you can do to help.

How the pandemic impacted working parents

With varying and unpredictable school closures, a general lack of childcare options, and uncertainty around work-from-home arrangements, parents, especially women, face unique, ongoing challenges. Many are opting to leave the workforce, or being forced out entirely in what has been dubbed the “She-cession.” Learn how you can empower your managers to support, retain, and empower the parents on their teams.

How well-being is tied to performance, and why employees expect it

The pandemic was a wake-up call for well-being in the workplace. It was never clearer: when people are languishing or not doing well emotionally, they can’t contribute their best work. No one is immune from the ups and downs of life, and we break down what managers need to know to help support every employee’s unique well-being needs. 

The keys to making hybrid work arrangements work

More employees now prefer a hybrid work environment or to have the option to work remotely. How your managers lead these new hybrid teams directly impacts organizational performance, employee intent to stay, overall well-being, and more. Understand the strengths, areas of opportunity, and unique needs for each work arrangement.

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Published September 27, 2021

Adam Wood

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

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