Maggie Wooll

Managing Editor

Maggie is a researcher, author, and speaker focused on the evolving future of work and the new practices needed for organizations and people to thrive in a rapidly-changing, tech-mediated world. Maggie formerly led research at the Deloitte Center for the Edge. She is passionate about creating better work and greater opportunity for all.

Maggie lives in the San Francisco Bay area but never quite shook the dust of her western Colorado roots. Two school-aged sons mean there's never a dull moment, or a quiet one. She is always working on focus. Having failed to become the next great American novelist, she favors fiction and rereads The Martian Chronicles every year or so.

Latest Posts by Maggie Wooll
14 min read | June 14, 2021

How to improve work performance by focusing on well-being

Mental health underscores everything we do, including work performance. Here's how to help your team improve both their work performance and mental fitness. Read More
Employee Experience
14 min read | June 10, 2021

How to implement peer to peer learning in the workplace

Peer to peer learning is a valuable tool for any company looking to upskill workers and support continuous learning. Organizations can improve social connection and employee... Read More
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Dealing with difficult employees (8 tips to succeed)

Dealing with difficult employees is always a challenge. Learn the causes of bad employee behavior and how to move forward in your workplace. Read More
Leadership & Management
14 min read | June 9, 2021

How to beat the opposite of imposter syndrome: the Dunning-Kruger effect

The only thing worse than always questioning your own abilities is never questioning them. The Dunning-Kruger effect, the opposite of imposter syndrome, leads the people that... Read More
Diversity & Inclusion
16 min read | June 7, 2021

How to be a mentor: 4 ways to change someone’s life

Discover what a mentor does, why different types of mentors exist, why mentoring is important, and four ways to be a transformative mentor yourself. Read More
Leadership & Management
18 min read | June 1, 2021

Power versus influence: How to build a legacy of leadership

Learn the difference between power and influence, what their sources are, when to use one or the other, and how mastering both can help you become a better leader. Read More
Professional Development
17 min read | May 28, 2021

How to build trust in the workplace: 10 effective solutions

Learning how to build trust isn’t always intuitive. Discover 10 actionable steps you can take to start building trust in the workplace. Read More
Leadership & Management
16 min read | May 28, 2021

7 ways you can lead by example (and why it matters)

Leading by example matters in the workplace. Use these seven methods and tips to become a successful manager that sparks positive change for your team. Read More
Leadership & Management
24 min read | May 27, 2021

What is change management? Conquer it (or better yet, befriend it) with this guide

What is change management? Learn how to befriend change management to overcome ambiguous challenges at the organizational, team, and individual levels. Read More
Mental Fitness
7 min read | May 27, 2021

BetterUp CIO Prince Harry's new docuseries explores community and support in strengthening our mental health

Join BetterUp CIO Prince Harry as he raises awareness around mental fitness in a new docu-series with Oprah profiling personalized mental health journeys. Read More
Professional Development
20 min read | May 26, 2021

Informational interviews: how to get all the info you need

Learn what an informational interview is and why it is beneficial for career development, as well as how to prepare for or conduct an informational interview. Read More
14 min read | May 21, 2021

Feeling alone? Here are 15 tips to combat loneliness

Are you feeling alone? A lot of people experience loneliness. That’s why we’ve offered these 15 tips to help you combat loneliness and live a happier life. Read More
26 min read | May 19, 2021

Digital coaching and the (surprising) effectiveness of virtual platforms

Discover why digital coaching is gaining popularity. Learn how it works, its benefits and challenges, and how it can improve your organization’s performance. Read More
15 min read | May 19, 2021

5 ways to cultivate a beginner’s mind (and stay open to the possibility)

Learn what a beginner’s mind is and how to cultivate one. Even when you have experience on a topic, you can rediscover a sense of wonder and be open to new ideas. Read More