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Madeline Miles


Madeline is a writer, communicator, and storyteller who is passionate about using words to help drive positive change. She holds a bachelor's in English Creative Writing and Communication Studies and lives in Denver, Colorado. In her spare time, she's usually somewhere outside (preferably in the mountains) — and enjoys poetry and fiction.

Latest posts by Madeline Miles
Professional Development
13 min read | December 26, 2022

Discussing the ins and outs of externships

Externships are short, experiential opportunities for people to shadow workers in their field of choice. Here’s why you should consider applying for one. Read More
14 min read | December 26, 2022

How to answer “What motivates you?” in a job interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but you can plan for most questions. Here are 9 tips plus example answers to help you respond to “What motivates you?” Read More
15 min read | December 9, 2022

15 email etiquette rules that you should know

Learning to clearly communicate online is an important professional skill. Here are 15 email etiquette rules to follow. Read More
Employee Experience
17 min read | December 8, 2022

8 team bonding activities to increase engagement and collaboration

Relationships are key to a thriving workplace. Try a few of these team bonding activities to strengthen your team’s working relationships. Read More
Professional Development
18 min read | December 7, 2022

6 stages of continuous improvement and why it is important

If you're looking to adopt continuous improvement in your organization, start by following these 6 steps. Read More
Professional Development
15 min read | December 7, 2022

8 tips on how to write a professional email (with examples)

Writing a professional email is one of the most valuable work skills we can learn. Here are 8 tips for polishing your emails. Read More
Professional Development
16 min read | December 6, 2022

The only guide you'll need to create effective cascading goals

What does it mean to set cascading goals? Find out how this goal-setting strategy can put your business a step ahead (especially in challenging times). Read More
14 min read | December 5, 2022

How biofeedback for stress can improve your health

Are you feeling stressed? No one is totally immune, but learning biofeedback for stress can protect your health. Read More