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      BetterUp Triples Revenue Growth as Fortune 1000 Firms Seek New Ways to Drive Employee Performance and Flourishing | BetterUp

      April 17, 2019 - 3 min read

      BetterUp’s personalized leadership development platform disrupts learning and development industry; provides measurable behavior change

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA — April 17, 2019 — BetterUp, the company that pioneered mobile coaching to help all workers live their lives with more clarity, purpose and passion, announced record year-over-year demand for its offerings, tripling growth in 2018 for the second consecutive year, and now has more than 100 customers, including 28 of the Fortune 1000.

      Notable customer wins in 2018 include Airbnb, AppDynamics, Freedom Mortgage, Instacart, and Mars. BetterUp has worked with tens of thousands of professionals in 58 countries supporting 22 languages for companies including Equinix, Genentech, Symantec, TriNet, Twilio and Workday.

      This record demand for BetterUp coaching is fueled by companies’ growing commitment to investing in all professionals, not just executives, in order to create a more skilled, stable and resilient workforce. Research shows that high stress and burnout levels reduce employee engagement and productivity. BetterUp members see an average 24 percent reduction in stress, a 19 percent reduction in burnout and a 15 percent improvement in focus. With one partner organization, those with BetterUp coaching saw up to 63% increase in their intention to stay with the organization, and an overall 11% increase in their organizational NPS. BetterUp members who engage in at least three months of coaching see an average of 26% greater effectiveness on the job.

      “Our partners are investing in their people to enable them, and collectively their organizations, to reach new heights,” says Alexi Robichaux, BetterUp CEO. “Our bottom-up approach enables our customers to give their professionals access to development programs once reserved for executives. We are exceptionally pleased to be on the leading edge of what will undoubtedly be a new era of human flourishing.”

      Equinix, a global interconnection and data center company, started offering BetterUp to employees in late 2017. Since deploying the platform, Equinix employees using BetterUp have seen a 24% reduction in stress levels, a 25% improvement in focus, a 15% reduction of burnout, and a 14% improvement in resilience.

      “BetterUp’s mobile platform enables us to provide customized and personalized development to our employees with the efficiency and scale not possible before,” said Michelle Johns, Senior Manager of Talent Management at Equinix. “We’ve retained and accelerated the trajectories of key talent through BetterUp coaching and have also been able to show that Equinix truly cares about our people.”

      Along with its core one-to-one coaching, BetterUp last year expanded its platform to offer on-demand coaching and an extended network of experts to address such issues as public speaking, sleep and nutrition. BetterUp is also funding $20 million in behavioral research through BetterUp Labs as part of its commitment to the whole person, encompassing a holistic and aspirational vision for human flourishing in every domain of life.

      About BetterUp

      Founded in 2013, BetterUp is a mobile-based leadership development platform used by Fortune 500 companies. With a holistic, science-backed methodology, BetterUp develops new behaviors and mindsets that enable high performance amid constant and accelerating change. Through on-demand, virtual coaching sessions, users practice and reinforce new behaviors and skills. Individual growth is measured and tracked. With a diverse range of customers, including Genentech, Logitech and Workday, BetterUp inspires employees to build the skills to thrive personally and professionally. To learn more, visit

      Published April 17, 2019

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