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Tools for Allyship and Dealing with Trauma and Grief

February 1, 2021 - 3 min read

We have been shaken to our core by the tragic and heartbreaking acts of racism and injustice against Black Americans – these acts have no place in our society.  At BetterUp, our mission is rooted in the belief that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are absolutely essential to creating the workplaces to which we aspire. While we recognize that talking about issues of race and inequality can be challenging and uncomfortable, no moment has felt more ripe for an opening to expand discussions about racial inequality, unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, and belonging.

So, what comes next? We must and can do better. To that end, we have included resources below that provide actionable ideas on how to effectively serve as an ally to underrepresented groups, strategies to combat unconscious bias, and how to create a safe, inclusive environment for everyone on your team.  These resources can help you think through the appropriate response that’s aligned with your personal values and help you cultivate the skills and practices to build inclusive workplaces and communities.




mural of variety of people


Learn how to navigate the complex emotions of grief and discomfort in the face of collective trauma, unpack racial identity as one layer of your whole identity, and prepare emotionally for healing and taking action.


drawing of hands holding each other


Use these tools to help you understand how you can engage in the work towards social justice, including actions you can take and guides for having conversations with the people around you.


drawing of hands outstreched


Learn tips and practices that will help you take an active role in fostering workplace belonging and help prevent the negative impacts of exclusion.

Published February 1, 2021

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