Member Story: Setting boundaries for maximum productivity and satisfaction

March 1, 2021 - 2 min read


Majid is a Software Developer.

What motivated you to focus on Time Management and Productivity?

I was feeling overwhelmed by the demands of work on my time and it was negatively impacting my personal life and overall happiness.

What steps did you take to improve?

I started setting work-life boundaries by setting up a schedule for when I was working and when I was not, and I stuck to it.

To hold myself accountable, I started planning each day in advance.

I tracked my time in a paper planner to better understand how I was spending it each day. Through this view, I was able to see what was taking up my energy and what wasn't.

What was the outcome of your work?

I've gained a greater sense of control over my life by being more mindful of my time and how I'm spending it.

This has translated into being more effective at work, but more importantly being more effective in life and feeling confident that I'm spending my time in a way that satisfies me.

Any tips for others working on a similar topic?

Check out BetterUp's resource library on this topic. There are tons of great planners on the market with a focus on self-actualization. Take a few out for a spin and find the one that's right for you.

Published March 1, 2021

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