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Life purpose: The inspiration you need to find your drive

June 2, 2022 - 14 min read


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Why is it important to discover your purpose in life?

5 life purpose examples

What is a life purpose statement?

How to write a life purpose statement

5 examples of life purpose statements

How can life purpose statements help you during a crisis?

For the future

Have you ever heard any examples of life purpose? We’ve all questioned our purpose at one time or another. Maybe you've been wondering what your work means, or asked what’s the point behind your hobbies. 

Many people ask the question “what’s the purpose of life?” at some time in their lives. However, few of us sit down and actually write a life purpose statement. 

​​If you feel burnt out by your job, uninterested in socializing or generally lost, you may need to look at some life purpose examples. Taking the time to reflect and define your life purpose can help motivate you. Not to mention, it can clarify everything from your relationships to your career path

Defining your entire life purpose might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to show you the importance of discovering a sense of purpose. Plus, we’ll teach you how to write a life purpose statement, using examples of life purpose as guidance.


Why is it important to discover your purpose in life?

If you’re wondering, “Does life have a purpose?” we’re here to assure you that yes, it does. 

Maybe you feel like life has a purpose, but you don’t know what yours is. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Lots of people have felt lost at one point in their lives, only to discover their purpose later on. You can learn to follow your internal compass. With a bit of effort, you’ll be able to point yourself in the direction of a meaningful life

That said, finding your life purpose isn't always easy. It can take years to discover who we are and what will fill our lives with meaning. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Give yourself space and time to find what your unique purpose is. Don’t let the fear of what others may think to stop you. 

Finding purpose in life is so important because it gives you a sense of direction. Discovering your purpose can help you learn how to find your dreams and achieve them. It creates a level of self-awareness that allows you to make the most of your life. 

Knowing your purpose also lets you prioritize your energy toward flourishing in life. Instead of doing things that make you unhappy or that harm your well-being, you can choose to do things that support your bigger life purpose. 

In addition, research shows that people who have a clear sense of purpose tend to outlive their peers. These individuals don’t wander aimlessly through life. Instead, they’re driven to make decisions that bring them closer to their big-picture goals. 

Writing a life purpose statement can ultimately make a huge impact on your personal and professional life. If you need help figuring out your purpose, BetterUp can help. With the right support, you can find the clarity you need to figure out what you want your life to be about.

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5 life purpose examples

Want to learn how to find your life purpose? Here's something to keep in mind: your life purpose can look however you'd like. It can be completely different for your friends, coworkers, or loved ones. 

To give you some ideas, here are five examples of life purposes:

  1. Traveling around the world and exploring different cultures
  2. Supporting your community 
  3. Fighting for a social cause like climate change
  4. Being a positive, supportive person for your loved ones
  5. Building a business that makes a difference in people's lives around the world

What is a life purpose statement?

The examples above are vague life purposes. A life purpose statement, on the other hand, is more specific and tailored to you.  It’s a statement that describes your purpose in life and the ways you might try to live out that purpose. 

Your statement should be concrete and detailed. That way you can return to it for a sense of motivation and focus while you find your passions. It’ll also help you stay organized and remind you of what you're working towards. If you focus on your purpose, you may even experience greater self-esteem and self-worth.


Let's say that you have already an idea of your purpose in life. If it's not clearly defined, it's not of use to you. Wanting to improve your community is one thing — but planning how you’ll do that is where the “statement” comes into play. 

Creating a personal vision statement gives you a sense of clarity. It answers why you're pursuing your goals and provides you peace of mind knowing that something's guiding you. It can also contain ways you will actually live out your purpose. For example, donating to a certain charity, volunteering once a week, or starting a nonprofit.

How to write a life purpose statement

Nobody can write your life purpose statement for you. It’s a deeply personal exercise that you should give yourself time to complete. 

Questions like, “What would you do every day in your dream life?” and “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” can be answered by you and only you. 

Writing your life purpose statement will require plenty of self-reflection. That means it’s time to sit down and get comfortable with yourself. To help get your ideas flowing, here are some strategies you can use to write a life purpose statement:

1. Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to gather your ideas before you write your life purpose statement. Write down your values, goals, and favorite hobbies. You can even record what you don't like about your life at the moment.

You can also journal about your anxieties or your achievements. Think of your journal as a place for your thoughts, regardless of their nature. You don’t need to journal daily, although it is a great habit to form. Either way, journaling is a great way to get started with your life purpose statement.


2. Say it out loud

Talking about what's on our minds with people we trust can help clarify our thoughts and desires. It helps us get our worries or problems off our chests. Sit down with someone who you know is a good listener and try talking your life purpose out. 

Talk through your ideas, share your concerns, and stay excited. The person you talk to can help you shape your life purpose by offering feedback from their perspective. Plus, it’s always good to have a friend to hype you up as you work to find your true purpose.

3. Be alone with your thoughts

Find a place where you're alone with no distractions. Visualize what a good life would look like for you. Would you want to help others? Live your life in another place? Have another career? Then, think about realistic ways you would achieve those ideas. Connect them to your core values and think about the lifestyle you'd live with these in mind.

5 examples of life purpose statements


After you've organized and prepared yourself to write your purpose statement, it's time to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard). It's okay if your statement is short. If it's detailed, motivational, and clear to you, then that's what matters.

Here are five examples of life purpose statements:

  1. "I will create unique pieces of art that people will find inspiration in. I want my legacy to be one of beauty and artistic expression."
  2. "I plan on creating a clothing line that will be size inclusive for every body type and create a brand that empowers people and inspires self-love."
  3. "The home I build will be supportive of my children, a safe environment for those to be themselves in, and a loving place for my family."
  4. "I would like my research to make a difference in my field and pave the way for other groundbreaking discoveries."
  5. "I want to live a life where I stop to enjoy the little things, be curious about every new adventure I take and live in the present."

How can life purpose statements help you during a crisis?

Your life purpose statement can ground you throughout every stage of your life. Having a life purpose statement is a way to filter out what you don't want in your life and focus on what you do want. That way, in times of uncertainty and crisis, you'll have a way to stay grounded. 

If you're struggling to make a decision, you can look to your purpose statement. As new opportunities or challenges come into your life, you can react by deciding if your response aligns with your ultimate goals. 


As we transition into new stages in our lives, we don't want to be purposeless and struggle to find meaning. Planning your whole life seems great, but a wrench can always be thrown into your plans. With a life purpose statement, you'll understand what steps are involved in achieving your dreams and how to adapt. You’ll live a better life with a clear sense of purpose.

For the future

You can’t discover the meaning of life if you never try new things. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and get out of your routine. By doing so, you'll be committing to a goal that will fill your future with meaning and happiness — and that's something to be proud of.

Now is the best time to use these life purpose examples for your own life purpose statement. The sooner you define your purpose, the sooner you can reap the benefits of more focus, clarity, and passion in your life. You’ll be sure to see your personal and professional life improve as a result. 

Finally, know that you don't have to go through this journey alone. At BetterUp, we can provide the perspective and guidance you need to work towards living a more meaningful life.

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Published June 2, 2022

Elizabeth Perry

Content Marketing Manager, ACC

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