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Reflection Points

A key part of the BetterUp process is a Reflection Point. It is an important process for your members to participate in, as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on the past few months, assess your progress, recognize success. Coaches will also do some reflection on members — and will share their written observations and insights about your growth, which you will see when you initiate the Reflection Point activity.  After you have both completed it, you’ll have the opportunity to come together to discuss your perspectives, and refresh your goals.  

This is also an important process for [org], because we have the opportunity to see the Reflection Point results in aggregate — on an anonymized basis — for our entire cohort. This will give us a sense of how the coaching engagement is progressing for our team. As a reminder, we do not receive any information on individual-level results.

Members u will be assigned a Reflection Point by their coach; it will appear in  To Do items in the BetterUp app, together with any learning resources assigned to you by your coach. When  it is assigned to you, please take the time to complete it!