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Our coaches

Our global coaching network of 2,000+ coaches fosters growth through real-time accountability, feedback, and support. Today, BetterUp coaches are located across 65 countries and support 32 languages. With such a robust, global network that is 100% accessible online, BetterUp is able to meet the needs of global organizations regardless of physical location.

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What Is Coaching?

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Coaching for New Managers

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The best of the best

Only 8% of applicants pass our rigorous selection process. All coaches are ICF-certified experts or licensed therapists who have a minimum of 1,000 supervised hours and maintain at least a 4.5 out of 5 for member rating.

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Customized for your company

Our coaches become extensions of your organization. We hand select coaches based on your requirements and program objectives, then onboard them to your competencies, values, and culture to create a seamless experience.

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Personalized for your people

We match your people with expert coaches, then tailor learning based on mindset, goals, and preferred employee learning styles for maximum effectiveness.

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One-on-one coaching

BetterUp pairs trained coaches with individuals to identify strengths and find tools and strategies to help each employee grow.

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Specialist coaching

From sleep and nutrition to communications, peak performance, sales success, and more, our extended network of specialists supplements the support your employees receive from their primary coach.

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On-demand coaching

Occasionally, members need in-the-moment expert support. And when this happens, we offer your people the help they need, when they need it.

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Meet one of our professional certified coaches

Manuela brings 15+ years of experience helping people integrate more meaning, success, and balance into their careers and lives.

"Manuela has a vivacious, welcoming energy that is reassuring, encouraging, and stimulating. Her ability to synthesize, make distinctions, and time her commentaries is perceptive, positive, and illuminating."

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