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your sales Leaders

BetterUp builds the strategic leadership skills necessary to achieve higher goals for your sales team.

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The ROI of Coaching

Research shows that for a company with 10,000+ employees, the hidden cost of skill gaps, disengagement, and turnover are estimated conservatively at -$135M. This is the cost of the status quo. But there is vast and convincing evidence that coaching is the solution.

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Build a high-performance culture within your teams

Sales managers and team leaders need to be able to provide personalized support — but this requires training that most programs aren’t suited for. Sales tools in the market lack continuity, customization, and reporting.

BetterUp gives your revenue team leaders the skills and perspective they need to better support their teams. Sales leaders improve their ability to tap into each reps’ values and motivations to maximize personal goal attainment.

  • Personalized, unbiased support

    We get to know your leaders, what drives them, and what they value most. Then we set them on a personalized path to growth.

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    Create a coaching culture

    Working with our coaching community, sales leaders become more effective coaches for their teams — collectively achieving larger goals than ever before.

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    See the impact

    BetterUp provides continuity, customization, and robust reporting so you can track and transform your culture.

  • 104%

    Increase in coaching behaviors

  • 25%

    Increase in team performance

  • 97%

    Increase in goal attainment

  • 63%

    Increase in intent to stay

Drive long-term change

BetterUp partners have seen higher sales performance than ever before — as much as 17x return on investment. Some of our most common business use cases include:

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Strategic Leadership: Drive alignment between team and company goals

With BetterUp, sales leaders are better equipped to look beyond the current horizon of goals to plan for the future. They empower their team by tapping into intrinsic motivations to achieve personal, team, and company goals.

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Operational Excellence: Set a new standard for action and accountability

One of the most powerful skills a sales leader can have is the ability to organize to win. BetterUp helps leaders better problem-solve to close gaps, drive focus in the areas that need it most, and lead difficult conversations when goals are not being met.

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Team Development: Create long-lasting, maximum impact across the sales org

By working with a one-one-one coach, your sales leaders learn and practice coaching skills that they apply to their team. They empower their sellers to generate ideas, recognize their strengths, lead feedback conversations, and ultimately guide the team to their full potential.

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