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Navigate major life events

Support your employees with personalized coaching as they try to balance work with the highs and lows of important life transitions.

The 6 Skills New Parents Need to Thrive (Again) in the Workplace

The Value of Belonging at Work: The Business Case for Investing in Workplace Inclusion

Even great employees struggle with the demands of life-changing events

Thirty percent of new mothers contemplate quitting after parental leave. We’ve shown a 63% boost in retaining new mothers after six months of personalized coaching.

Focus on flexibility

The lives of your employees are filled with new beginnings, sorrowful endings, and personal challenges. With 24/7 mobile access, on-demand sessions, and extended offerings like sleep coaching, you can enable personalized BetterUp coaching while adapting to any schedule.

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Consistent support, sustainable development

 Whether taking off for an extended period of time or dealing with regularly missing work, your people can benefit from access to the same coach before, during, and after their leave.

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"My coaching sessions were essential in helping me get through pregnancy and have resulted in me being happier, healthier, and more productive overall."

BetterUp Member, People Ops

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