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      BetterUp helps employees build the skills, mindsets, and behaviors needed to perform at their peak — both personally and professionally.

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      Grow and transform with BetterUp

      BetterUp uses coaching, science, and technology to shape better leaders, build more resilient teams, and achieve lasting organizational transformation. Discover how your company can grow and transform with BetterUp.

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      We help organizations build more productive workforces by giving individuals the tools and support they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives. When employees bring that drive to work, they start to build stronger, more resilient teams. And from that growth, your people create a culture of high-performance across your entire organization.

      Personalized, data-driven experiences Each employee gets the personalized coaching and tools they need to identify their strengths, create a growth plan, reach their goals quicker, and transform — personally and professionally.
      Build resilience and drive performance Coaching taps into personal motivations and values to unlock growth in areas where your people need the most help.
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      Strengthen agility in times of change BetterUp’s scalable support system helps your people build the skills and mindsets to thrive through any situation.

      0% Of managers report a more adaptive team
      0% Increase in individual job performance
      0% Increase in team performance
      0% Increase in resilience


      BetterUp creates growth opportunities for your people within the context of their daily workflows. Some of our most common business use cases include:


      Resilience: Improve workforce resilience

      When faced with rapid change or large-scale transformation, companies need resilience to survive. BetterUp’s approach builds personal resilience in the context of real-world situations to help people thrive — because resilient people build resilient teams. And resilient teams form a company that lasts.

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      Performance- high-performance culture

      Performance: Create a high-performance culture

      Almost every organization is experiencing impactful change right now and rightly prioritizing organizational agility. BetterUp focuses on building essential leadership skills for managers, which in turn catalyzes team performance and creates a cultural ripple across the organization.

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      Change Readiness: Foster agility & drive performance

      BetterUp focuses on developing your leaders’ ability to navigate times of critical change for themselves and their teams. Did you know that 97% of mergers and acquisitions fail when front-line managers are not properly supported? Against the backdrop of M&A, Castlight partnered with BetterUp to help improve agility and drive performance for people and their teams.

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      Leadership: Uplevel core leadership skills

      Research suggests one in 10 people have innate leadership skills. The rest of us have to actively develop them. BetterUp’s high-touch, personalized approach focuses on the skills that create real behavior change and bring your leadership framework to life.

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      Performance- high-performance culture


      BetterUp helps members identify, understand, and own their strengths, so they feel empowered to reach their potential.


      BetterUp helped me to accept that I can’t accomplish everything on my own and that I needed to better leverage my team. Now, my team feels more recognized and has more opportunities for exposure to senior leaders.

      Managing Director, Real Estate


      Thanks to my coach, I’ve improved my executive presence, feel more excited at work, and am empowered to ask for feedback from my team more frequently.

      Senior Manager, Financial Industry


      The BetterUp coaching experience has helped me improve my emotional well-being at work and at home. I am more confident and aware of my feelings, and have a more positive mindset about life in general.

      Sales Leader, Entertainment Industry


      Schedule some time with us so we can learn a little bit more about your business needs, and we will tailor a custom demo to meet your goals.