Wellbeing and Self-Actualization

Boost employee wellbeing with holistic care

Empower emotional, social, cognitive, and physical thriving.

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Empower emotional, social, cognitive, and physical thriving.

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BetterUp improves wellbeing by helping people thrive emotionally, cognitively, socially, and physically. Achieving this sense of wellbeing, coupled with peak performance at work, lead to a state of self-actualization that creates unstoppable momentum for personal and professional growth. And when people flourish, so does business.

How BetterUp improves wellbeing & self-actualization


BetterUp's evidence-based Whole Person approach clarifies personal values and strengthens meaning and purpose to catalyze wellbeing and the path to self-actualization.


People who work 1:1 with a BetterUp coach improve their overall social, physical and mental functioning to reach their highest level of potential.


Growth is reinforced with the ability to set and share goals in the platform for increased focus and accountability. The journey to self-actualization is tracked and measured over time.


Whole person approach


Whole person approach

BetterUp’s approach serves to align a person’s values, goals, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors to drive change.

Our assessment helps BetterUp understand each person’s leadership skills, their personal learning style, coaching goals, and behaviors across 31 validated psychometric dimensions.


The best coach for you


The best coach for you

The results of the whole person assessment feed into a coach matching process that finds the best coach for you, based on your unique needs. To date, we have a 97% success rate in first-time coach matching – but you always have the option to rematch.

With just a few months of 1:1 coaching, people achieve positive growth in areas including life satisfaction, stress management, physical activity, rest, and authenticity.


Accountable growth


Accountable growth

With goal setting and tracking, each person is held accountable for their own growth. 

Individuals are also able to share their goals with their managers, to enlist the support of others in becoming their best selves. 

In support of these goals, BetterUp suggests custom content, nudges you to take action, and provides multiple points for reflection.

See results in 3 months


Increase in
life satisfaction


Increase in
cognitive thriving


Increase in
social connection


Increase in
physical activity

Capabilities that drive success

1:1 Unlimited Coaching

Start on a path to becoming your best self with guidance from a coach who understands your potential. 

Wellness coaching

BetterUp complements primary coaching with specialty networks to help you thrive in all aspects of life.

On-Demand Coaching

Speak to a coach within 1 hour to gain immediate clarity and find solutions to urgent challenges.

Group Coaching
for Wellbeing

Join a small circle of peers in a course of structured, topic-oriented sessions like becoming resilient.

Partner Analytics 


Baseline, benchmark, and measure outcomes that transform your workforce.

Individual & Team
Health Insights

Uncover new insights on personal and team health metrics like resilience, wellbeing, and employee experience.

Whole Person Assessments

Recognize personal strengths and areas of growth that serve as the foundation for personal development.

Wellbeing Content

Reinforce growth with digital-based learning focused on the areas that you need most, like self-compassion.

Goal Setting

Focus development and create accountability through goal setting, tracking, and reflection.

“The whole person is critical. It’s a mistake to not consider the whole person and everything that is going on in their world. It all comes together to impact how people show up everyday and BetterUp’s approach is aligned with this.”

Michelle Kemling, Head of Talent Development at Twilio

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Flexible service model

BetterUp removes the heavy administrative burden of offering 1:1 personalized development at scale.


  • Behavioral scientist guidance
  • Actionable insights
  • BetterUp Science Board & Labs research


  • Program design & deployment
  • Enterprise implementation
  • Onboarding & training


  • Customer Success
  • Account Manager
  • BetterUp customer care
  • Ongoing Consulting


  • Individual, personalized
    development plan
  • Organizational
    competency mapping
  • Custom insights

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