Growth and development for managers

Managers are important to your business. Often, companies don’t give them enough support in learning how to grow and manage others. Their job is hard and they deserve every advantage you can give them.

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Coaching for new managers

How BetterUp Works in 3 Minutes

Individual coaching

Managers receive the same individualized support as all employees with access to 1:1 coaching, goal-oriented immersive learning content, and behavioral assessments and reporting.

Manager playbook

In addition to individual coaching, managers are offered special content developed for their particular needs:  a playbook of tools, content, and resources to help managers build the core capabilities needed to lead effectively.

Tools to support your team

BetterUp supports managers beyond their own training by also giving them the tools to support each individual team member along their growth journey. For example, managers can set goals and provide in-the-moment feedback to their team. The Manager Dashboard equips managers with the skills to be more effective at coaching.

Grow your managers to grow your business

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