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Twilio drives growth by supporting the Builder Spirit

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    A company of builders moving at light speed

    Twilio is an industry leading customer engagement platform that supports personalized interactions at scale. Consecutive years of double-digit growth have meant that Twilio must enable its managers to set clear direction and build inclusive, high-performing, and highly engaged teams.

    The “Builder” spirit is part of Twilio’s DNA, and the talent development team wanted to holistically support managers to unlock their imagination, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Part of the “Twilio Magic” is an equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered with the skills to generate novel solutions to business challenges. To supplement its leadership program amidst rapidly evolving customer needs, a scalable, personalized approach was needed.

    It’s a mistake to not consider the Whole Person and everything that is going on in their world. It all comes together to impact how people show up every day, and BetterUp’s approach aligned with this.

    — Head of Talent Development, Twilio

    Turn managers into culture builders with coaching

    After evaluating several solutions, Twilio landed on individualized coaching for managers with BetterUp, supplemented by Extended Network Coaching. Distinctly aware that most leadership development approaches focus on teaching people what to do, Twilio knew that only 1:1 support would support managers in how to be. How to be more resilient, how to build Mental Fitness–those are the qualities that allow leaders to manage themselves. Then, they have a greater capacity to manage others and build a culture that Twilio employees love.


    Building an award-winning place to work

    When Twilio started with BetterUp in 2017, managers had below-average scores on Resilience, Growth Mindset, and Risk Tolerance. After coaching, the scores on these skills were well above average, demonstrating that coaching succeeded in strengthening the managerial qualities that build great teams.

    The simple act of investing in its managers’ individual growth set in motion a change in culture: employees increased their scores by 10% for the survey statement “I have access to the learning and development that I need to do my job well.” 

    More recently, coached managers have seen increases in Cognitive Thriving, Productivity, and Goal Attainment. Cognitive Thriving helps Twilio managers focus, learn, adapt to changing situations or challenging information, anticipate the future, and maintain Twilio’s rapid pace of growth.

    On average, Twilio employees who worked with BetterUp experienced the following growth: 

    increase in Goal Attainment
    increase in Cognitive Thriving
    increase in Resilience

    The success of coaching for managers over the years led Twillio to include BetterUp coaching in its racial justice and equity initiatives beginning in 2020. In 2021, 216 Black and LatinX Twilions from around the globe received BetterUp coaching, resulting in a 100 percent average satisfaction score.

    In 2021, Twilio was recognized in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. With its managers empowered with the BetterUp Whole Person™ skills needed to meet their goals and inspire others, Twilio has proven that 1:1 coaching is an essential key to building an award-winning place to work.

    "The insights and analytics are super important to us. Being able to look at them and understand impact is critical."

    — Head of Talent Development, Twilio

    Companies that thrive are powered by employees and leaders that are rested, resilient, and in control of their missions.

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