Innovation performance review comments for outstanding creativity

  • You do a great job at leading by example. You’re someone others want to follow. Well done!

  • You often place others' needs before your own. This is great for becoming an effective leader, as you focus on the development of others rather than your own. Great work!

  • You do a great job at providing the necessary structure, direction, and feedback to all your employees. Well done!

  • You’re really good at recognizing and rewarding staff achievements.

  • You have no problem allowing staff to assume responsibility for their actions, often encouraging them to take calculated risks.
  • You fully engage when listening to someone speak. You give your full attention by maintaining eye contact, nodding your head, and often smiling. I really enjoy conversing with you.
  • You create a culture of mutual trust and caring by always acting with integrity, accountability, and transparency. Well done.
  • You’re really good at being able to transform our strategic vision into attainable action plans. You've adopted the practice of strategic foresight well. 
  • You respect others and others in the highest regard. This makes it really for you to earn the respect of others. Well done!
  • You often hold yourself accountable for your staff's performances. This can be good, however, it may also prevent your staff members from learning from their mistakes.


 Suggested appraisal comments to improve creativity
  • You tend to isolate yourself quite often. Try to engage more with the team or be more approachable.
  • Remember it’s ok to take negative actions sometimes, not every decision is going to be liked by everyone. Making a decision is better than letting tasks linger without an end result.
  • As a manager, it is expected that you are decisive. Try to be the one who ultimately makes the decision.
  • You tend to use your position as a way of dominating and intimidating others. Try putting yourself in your employees' shoes to understand ways of being less domineering and arrogant.
  • You seem to struggle with communicating to your thoughts to your direct reports. If you struggle with this try set up one on one meetings to discuss how you could improve.
  • Being self-conscious about what people say or think may not be conducive to making decisions or making a stand. Remember not everyone is thinking about you as much as you think they are. Try to accept who you are.
  • You tend to give too much work to other team members and you end up not having enough work for yourself to do. Maybe delegate what you feel is the most important work to yourself before delegating other work.
  • You seem to have a manager style that instills fear in your employees. Try to be less hostile and accepting of others.
  • You often allow employees too much room for excuses. Try to adopt more of a hardline approach if you think they are not performing
  • Setting high expectations can be good, but if these expectations are not attainable don’t expect to always see results. Try lower the bar a bit and gradually get to the result you wish.

Appraisal comments to boost creativity and innovation

  • If an opportunity presents itself, try to network at much as possible. Building key alliances could be vital for the business well being.
  • Try identify and partner with the key business stakeholders of the company. This could lead to greater things for your department.
  • Communicating with other departments is important to the development of the company as a whole. Try cross pollinate your communication so you get a really good sense of what's going at the company as a whole.
  • Try encourage and nurture an environment of trust and respect amongst your teammates. If the budget allows it, try take them out on virtual team building activities.
  • Encourage ideas by inspiring your team members to be more innovative and engaging.
  • Make people want to seek your advice about matters concerning them. Become the leader people feel comfortable with.
  • Learning other people’s leadership preferences and adjusting your leadership style to them can be important for their personal development.
  • You need to appreciate that things can be accomplished in many different ways. if the goals are accomplished, it doesn't matter how they get there.
  • You have a fantastic work effort and people often wonder how you get to spend time on the things you love in your personal life. Try to balance your work hours with your personal life
  • When you see leadership opportunities in the industry or at charity events, try to put your skills to good use and volunteer for these events.


8 tips for giving feedback on innovation and creativity

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