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More power for your People Team

Workday now integrates with BetterUp to ensure every employee gets the coaching they need, when they need it.

Maximum impact, minimal lift

BetterUp is the world’s largest digital coaching platform with 1.5 million+ coaching sessions and extensive data on how coaching improves productivity, engagement, and performance. Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Working together in harmony, this seamless integration makes it easy to deliver personalised coaching at scale and get deeper insights about your workforce.

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Understand your people’s needs like never before

Deeper insight into your people's growth and needs means you can deliver the exact transformational support they need, when they need it. Whether it's a promotion, organisational changes, or life milestones, you can provide more insightful BetterUp solutions to your people no matter the size, growth, and complexity of your organisation.

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More data, deeper insights

Data is powerful, but extracting it across platforms isn't always easy. Now that Workday is integrated into BetterUp, your HR team will get a deeper understanding of how your investment in coaching is transforming your business and your people.

This helps your team automatically manage BetterUp coaching licenses across your organisation, so you'll be empowered to identify and understand behavioural trends and make more proactive decisions to build a resilient, future-ready organisation.


Seamless, simple, and secure

Getting Workday configured with BetterUp takes less than an hour. We partner with your technical team to use the least amount of employee data necessary to ensure privacy and security.


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