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BetterUp Live is a live web series centered on improving human performance

A moment of calm. A creative spark. A story of growth

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A moment of calm. A creative spark. A story of growth

Say hello to a brand new live web series that connects you with a community of professionals and leading experts on topics that matter most right now. Each episode will feature a mix of hosted interviews, coach tips, cutting-edge research, and more—all focused on timely work-life themes.

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Each episode features a mix of hosted interviews, coach tips, cutting-edge research, and more.

The Culture of Justice: Building Racially Inclusive Teams and Organizations

The heartbreaking acts of injustice against Black Americans this year have left many of us emotionally overwhelmed, and seeking a path forward. MoreJoin esteemed Villanova Professor Quinetta Roberson, leading authority on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, in conversation with Dr. Airies Davis, BetterUp Leadership Coach, to learn how to counter bias in our communities and in our organizations, from the ground up.Less

With Values as Our Compass: Finding clarity in times of need

What if there was a way to meet any challenge – big or small – with a sense of clarity, hope, and excitement? MoreA way to navigate the ups and downs of work and life with confidence you are on the right path. Join New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Harvard Institute of Coaching, Dr. Susan David, to discover how tapping into your core values may be the secret compass you need to find greater success, happiness, and balance.Less

Building Character: The playbook for a strong heart, mind, and will

What is character? And where does “strong character” come from? MoreJoin Angela Duckworth, award-winning researcher and bestselling author of Grit, to learn what science shows us about how we build and shape character in ourselves, others, and younger generations. Whether you’re a leader, a parent, a coach, or a teacher, you’ll walk away with practical tips for developing character so that we can all move forward together, stronger. Less

My Olympic Mindset: Finding the flow with Rebecca Soni

What does it take to become a SIX-TIME Olympic medalist? According to swim champion Rebecca Soni, you lean into your strengths, even if that means taking an unconventional approach. MoreJoin Rebecca and BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux as we take a deep dive into finding flow—learning how to own your strengths and cultivate the right mindset for success. Less

Compassionate leadership: Aligning the head and the heart

What is “compassionate leadership?” It’s more than giving a team member a pat on the back, or an afternoon off to see their kid’s play; Moreit’s the best path to making a person—a company—more resilient, and able to thrive in changing environments. Join Dr. Leah Weiss and BetterUp’s Tanisha Parrish, to discuss why compassionate leadership is so critical to businesses and individuals right now—especially in the midst of a global crisis.Less

A Date with data: How data shapes our most important decisions

Join Dr. Chris Danforth, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont, and BetterUp’s Dr. Andrew Reece, as we explore the ins and outs of decision making, More including a timely conversation on how data (or the lack of it) impacts how you make decisions around work, family, and health.Less

Foundations of flow: Making order out of chaos

Get ready as Michael Crooke, former Patagonia CEO, and BetterUp's Dr. Damian Vaughn, dive deep on the fundamentals of flow. More You’ll discover what flow really is, why it works, and how you can tap into the same life-changing flow practices used by pro athletes and top-level execs to boost your personal bottom line and professional success.Less

Meet your newest coworkers: Your kids

How can you conquer the challenges of working at home … with your kids … and possibly a partner … with nowhere else to go? More Listen is as expert parenting coach, Debbie Stephens Stauffer, shares insights and ideas in this very special (and information-packed) episode with BetterUp’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman.Less

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