Inner Work Day 2022, brought to you by BetterUp

Breakthroughs happen when you take a break.

Alexi Robichaux
Co-founder and CEO, BetterUp
Serena Williams
23-time Grand Slam Champion and Entrepreneur
Jacinta Jimenez
Psychologist & BetterUp VP of Coach Innovation
Pau Gasol
Former Professional Basketball Player & six-time NBA All-Star; Mental Health Advocate
Christine Carter
Author & BetterUp VP of Content Development
Shawn Achor
Author, The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential
Rhonda Magee
Mindfulness Teacher, Author
Anthony DeMario
Brain Health Coach, Global Speaker, TEDx Alumni & Trained Peak Performance Strategist
Jessamyn Stanley
Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur
Shereen Thor
Executive Coach, Bestselling Author & Former Comedian
DJ D-Nice
NAACP IMAGE AWARDS Entertainer Of The Year
Chad Thomas
Regional Vice President at BetterUp
Shawn Meredith
Leadership Expert & Business Coach
Rebecca Josephson
VP, People Growth & Leadership Development, WarnerMedia
Angela McKenna
Senior Vice President of Global Talent Development at Salesforce
Gretchen Stroud
Senior Vice President of Talent, Hilton
Chip Conley
Author, Wisdom@Work
Mercedes Valencia
Entrepreneur and guided meditation leader
Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex
CIO, BetterUp and Co-founder, Archewell
Feb 3, 2022 noon ET / 9 am PT

Take a moment to prepare for all the ones ahead.

At BetterUp, we know Inner Work® is a huge part of the human growth and transformation that leads to peak performance. So ready yourself for the year ahead and set yourself up for success by joining us in the powerful practice of Inner Work®.

What is Inner Work®?

Inner Work® starts by looking inward to our authentic selves and experiences, and taking time for the things that ignite our passion, creativity, and innovation. Doing Inner Work® is accessible to anyone, and all you need to get started is some time.

Simply put, the work of
Inner Work® starts inside us.

This incredible event kicks off February 3rd and you won't want to miss it.

Please register at your earliest convenience. This event will be capped at 100K registrants to ensure a day without technological glitches for all attendees.

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February 3, 2022 | 12 pm ET / 9 am PT