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You deserve to feel your best

BetterUp for Caregivers™ gives you customized tools and a community for support as you navigate daily challenges — for yourself and for the people you love. All at an exclusive price for Walmart customers.

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What you’ll get with a BetterUp for Caregivers™ membership

We all need a little help for life’s ups and downs, but what we each need is unique. Now, you have a space in which to explore and learn — and be uplifted by others.


With BetterUp for Caregivers™, you'll get a digital experience tailored to you that includes:

Live group coaching & live online classes
Interactive exercises & well-being tracking
Certified Coach guidance & community support
Confidential, 24/7 access to resources & tools

How it works (and it really works)

    1. Your experience, your way

    You’ll take a specially designed assessment and get a tailored plan to learn skills and build habits to improve your well-being, no matter where you're starting from.

    2. Guidance from real humans, for real humans

    Join a live group coaching program designed for Caregivers and 25-minute live classes that fit your schedule, all led by a Coach certified in positive behavior change and filled with a diverse group of people to help.

    3. The relief you need, when you need it

    Your personalized BetterUp® dashboard gives you anytime, anywhere access to interactive guided exercises, well-being tracking, and community for support and encouragement.

You are not alone

Caregiving can take a toll physically, financially, and emotionally — and most of us could use some relief. BetterUp® can help.

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BetterUp® coaching sessions completed
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Here's what BetterUp® members are saying

I've experienced one of the most challenging chapters of my life, and BetterUp® has helped me navigate it with new tools that have kept me sane, focused, and optimistic.
Coaching helps me improve in many areas, not just one. I feel peace of mind knowing I'm getting guidance from a top practitioner, and not the usual hacks I've encountered.
BetterUp® helps me manage my mind. I can keep calm and cool and it has helped me manage my anger.

Nothing is more valuable than your health

Membership at exclusive pricing for Walmart customers*

$ 99.99 /month
You’ll get confidential access to
  • A monthly plan personalized to your unique goals and needs
  • Live group coaching for tailored guidance from an expert and a space to learn and grow
  • Live online classes on managing stress, finding balance, and more
  • Interactive exercises, quizzes, games, and well-being tracking
  • A diverse community for support, guidance, and encouragement
  • Goal tracking and personal insights to keep you on track
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