Energy and resources

The energy and resources industry is experiencing big changes—expansion of renewable technologies, global focus on carbon reduction, and the implementation of regulatory mandates. Help your people turn the changing world of energy into opportunity.

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Are your people ready for the future of energy?

During the past 50 years, little has changed in the ways in which we produce and consume energy. But that pattern will change dramatically in the years to come. Are your employees ready to respond to these sweeping changes already in progress?.

With BetterUp, you can support employee growth and spur innovation with evidence-based leadership coaching and professional development focused on helping your people and your business meet new demands across this rapidly changing industry.

  • icon globe sphere Improve your global employee experience with personalized development at scale
  • icon person walking up stairs Fuel leadership development and inspire innovation with proven, evidence-based approaches
  • icon percent sign Benefit from measurable ROI and reporting metrics customized for your organization
  • icon vertical lines with circles Respond to energy industry changes with increased agility, resilience, and performance

See BetterUp in action

Discover how our leadership development platform helps drive behavior change and scalable results across your organization.

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Solutions for the real world

From your HiPo employees to new managers and individual contributors to senior leaders, BetterUp is designed to help you:

  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Scale professional development
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Improve communication and feedback
  • Enhance career development, from crews to corporate

“BetterUp’s mobile platform enables us to provide customized and personalized development to our employees with the efficiency and scale not possible before.”

Michelle Johns, Senior Manager of Talent Management, Equinix

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