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Diversity and inclusion

Developing a culture in which employees of all backgrounds feel a sense of belonging and support is just good business.

Latest Research on Meaning and Purpose at Work

The Value of Belonging at Work: The Business Case for Investing in Workplace Inclusion

Inclusive leadership is a necessity for 21st century success

If all employees in a 10,000-person organization felt a high degree of belonging, you could expect to see $52 million in productivity gains, $10 million in turnover savings, and 2,825 fewer sick days taken per year.

Beyond hiring

BetterUp coaching shapes leadership behaviors related to diversity and inclusion, including creating a climate of trust, building positive relationships, and practicing cognitive agility to counteract unconscious bias.

Measurable impact

Personalized coaching improves employee belonging, translating to better business outcomes and personal improvements.

"Leaders must consistently model inclusive behaviors in order to build out new team norms over time."

Dr. Jacinta Jimenez | Science Board Advisor, BetterUp

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