5 Key Questions About Employee Resilience

5 Key Questions About Employee Resilience

Let’s face it: Work can be stressful, especially in these rapidly-changing times. And that stress impacts your entire organization—making your leaders less effective and leading to increased burnout throughout your workforce.

Yet the uncertainty we find in business today offers immense opportunity, too. When your employees are equipped to bounce back from challenges, adversity, and setbacks, your entire organization benefits—becoming increasingly agile, competitive, and even more profitable.

Read the 5 Key Questions About Employee Resilience to discover why nurturing resilience in your workforce should be a business priority.

You’ll learn:

  • What resilience really is, and how you can increase it in your workforce
  • The bottom-line organizational benefits of resilience
  • How coaching helps employees see change as an opportunity

“BetterUp Labs found that after just 3-4 months of coaching, resilience increased across all individuals by an average of 9%, burnout decreased by 19%, and stress decreased by 24%.”