The Art and Science of Coaching

The Art and Science of Coaching

Coaching is now a $2 billion dollar global juggernaut. Enterprise leaders like Workday, Mars, and Airbnb are quick to praise the workforce benefits of coaching in a VUCA world.

Yet, despite a growing body of scientific literature, confusion remains: What is professional coaching, what does it do, and what separates real evidence-based 1:1 human coaching from imitators and AI-driven bots that serve up motivational quotes?

Join Training Magazine as well as Sarah Greenberg, Lead Coach, and Joshua Steinfeldt, Coach Community at BetterUp, as we unpack the truth about coaching and explore what makes it different from other Learning & Development interventions in the marketplace.

During the webinar, you will hear:

  • Why more and more organizations are turning to coaching for employee development
  • How effective, evidence-based coaching actually works in the everyday workplace
  • The kinds of real-world results you can expect to see from coaching, with empirical data