Building inclusive brands from the inside out

True empathy begins with understanding. And building an inclusive brand requires getting into the mindset of your most diverse and underrepresented members

BetterUp research shows that the key to creating an inclusive culture starts with helping everyone show up authentically and foster belonging for those around them. The key? Personalized support.

View a conversation with experts Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, and Oona King, VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Snap Inc., to learn the secrets to building a brand that is inclusive of all people in a deeply personal way — from the inside out. Hint: it's all about people.

Meet your speakers

Image of Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma Saint John

Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix

Image of Oona King

Oona King

VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Snap Inc.

Image of Chad Thomas

Chad Thomas

Area Vice President, West at BetterUp

You will learn:

  • How personalized coaching accelerates development of underrepresented talent
  • How managers can help drive diversity initiatives 
  • Practical ways you can create a culture where diverse talent thrives