Build a future-ready sales team

Future-proof your sales team through mindset shifts that drive peak performance

Sales is a high-pressure, high-stress function that plays a critical role in every business. With 58% of sales people saying they are often or very often stressed out, "on edge", and experiencing a great deal of daily tension, a focus on resilience and mindset can help drive quota attainment.

Join a live discussion with Daymond John, the founder and CEO of FUBU and co-star on ABC’s Shark Tank and BetterUp sales leader Preeya Voss to learn the winning mindsets and behaviors that can supercharge sales performance.

Meet your speakers

Image of Daymond John

Daymond John

CEO of FUBU and co-star on ABC’s Shark Tank

Image of Preeya Voss

Preeya Voss

Sales Leader, BetterUp

You will learn how:

  • Enable sales leaders to build a coaching culture 
  • Build an agile salesforce to lead in uncertainty
  • Sustain peak sales performance across the team