Boost Well-Being and Resilience to Beat Burnout

It’s been a challenging year for everyone yet organizations around the world adapted at incredible speed. But, how are people really doing? BetterUp research shows that employees are facing heightened stress, anxiety, and isolation at work—all contributors to burnout. Now is a great time for employers to make profound changes to help people build resilience and deal with uncertainty in 2021.

Watch a discussion with Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez, Stanford trained psychologist and author of The Burnout Fix, and Lisa Foust, SVP Chief People and Engagement Officer of John Muir Health. We explore the powerful impact that resilience and wellbeing have throughout challenging times.

Meet your speakers

image of Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Jacinta M. Jiménez, PsyD, BCC

Psychologist, Author of The Burnout Fix, Strategic Advisor, BetterUp

image of Laura Fuentes

Lisa Foust

SVP Chief People and Engagement Officer at John Muir Health

image of Taku Noguchi

Taku Noguchi

Director of Programs, BetterUp

You'll learn how:

  • Mental health impacts workplace productivity
  • Greater resilience helps lower burnout
  • Resilience can be learned and built across teams