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Tools for thriving in unprecedented times

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In these extraordinary times, we want you to know we’re here for you, and we believe we are better together. To support you and your team, our behavioral scientists and researchers have curated and developed evidence-based resources.

With activities, guides, articles, videos, and podcasts, we hope you can use these resources to shape the behaviors, mindsets, and skills needed for navigating uncertainty and for adjusting to new remote work arrangements.

These resources are available to everyone anytime, anywhere, and through any device, to help you focus, connect, and thrive:

Recommended areas of focus:

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Navigating times of Uncertainty and Chaos

Develop a sense of control, make clear-minded decisions, and prioritize self-care.

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Social Connection in a Time of Crisis

Manage negative emotions, defuse tense interactions, and leverage compassion and support through adversity.

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Thriving While Working Remotely

Become more effective while working remotely, nurture relationships from afar, and support distributed teams.

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Infographic: COVID-19 and the State of the Worker

Discover how people are feeling about work, life, stress, and more in our COVID-19 survey of 2,100 workers.

Staying Resilient in Trying Times

We are navigating a period of prolonged uncertainty. If we’re not careful, chronic stress over an extended period of time can drain our energy and diminish our ability to stay balanced, grounded, and optimistic.

Overcoming Loneliness in a Time of Social Distancing

Humans are social creatures. And in challenging times like the COVID-19 crisis, it’s more important than ever that we come together to support each other.

Leading Through Uncertainty and Change

Tumultuous times can spark significant, unforeseen, and sometimes painful changes within organizations. These shake-ups - including layoffs and reorgs - often require difficult tradeoffs in the pursuit of the organization’s mission and values.

Transitioning to a New Normal

Major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic create dramatic shifts in “business as usual.” For example, you might come back to an office space that is more spread out and the dynamics of your interactions with your colleagues may change. 

Navigating a Career Transition

Globally, organizations of all kinds are currently in a state of challenge and change. In this environment, your career may feel unsettled.

In the days to come, we’ll continue to share targeted evidence-based tools and resources. For BetterUp users, we'll also be adding new resources weekly to our app. If there are additional ways we can offer you or your employees support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. We are here for you.

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