Case Study

AppDynamics Develops Leaders with Coaching at the Core

AppDynamics Develops Leaders with Coaching at the Core

San Francisco–based AppDynamics is the leader in application intelligence. Over the last several years, the company has experienced significant growth, including a 2017 acquisition by Cisco. To prepare for the company’s next wave of growth, leadership recognized it needed to focus more on developing people who could lead teams and help the company evolve.

Starting from scratch, the company began the development of a leadership program by defining what it means to be a leader at AppDynamics. They decided to provide BetterUp coaching to support managers in the program and help them integrate learnings to create lasting behavioral changes.

The engagement produced measurable results, and AppDynamics is currently scaling their work with BetterUp to support individual contributors, new managers, as well as their diversity programs.

“When managers are asked those powerful questions and have those ‘Aha!’ moments with a coach, it’s amazing to watch them mimic that behavior with their own teams and see the impact. This kind of learning can propel the success of our business.”