January 9, 2018

BetterUp Announces Inaugural Shift Conference to Reimagine the Future of Work

Former Netflix Chief Talent Officer, Amazon Board Member, and EVP of HR from Visa among speakers at gathering to discuss new ways to pioneer imagination, inclusion and meaning in the workplace.

San Francisco, Calif. (January 9, 2018)  BetterUp, the first mobile-based learning platform that offers executive coaching to all levels of an organization, today announced its inaugural Shift conference. Shift is a two-day event that will bring together leaders from Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, Harvard Business School, LinkedIn, McKinsey & Company, Netflix, Stanford Graduate School of Business, VISA, and more to discuss the importance of developing imagination, meaning and purpose in the modern workplace. The conference will take place in San Francisco, January 23-24, 2018. A livestream of select sessions will be available throughout the day on January 23rd. To register for the livestream, visit: https://www.betterup.co/shift2018/livestream.

The modern workplace is in the midst of transformation. A growing body of research demonstrates that treating employees as unique individuals improves the bottom-line. These findings have compelled many organizations to reimagine their innovation strategy, enabling their employees to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. With this new freedom, employees need a new mental model of work, where imagination, purpose, and belonging prevail.

BetterUp is at the forefront of helping companies adapt to changing demands in today’s workplace by bringing personalized one-on-one coaching to employees of all levels. Traditional corporate training has been focused on investing in personalized solutions like coaching only for senior executives and offering everyone else workshops – which seldom result in any type of behavioral change or measurable return on investment. BetterUp changes this by connecting employees with certified, executive-level coaches for weekly 30-minute sessions over video-chat or phone. Coaches track their progress with in-depth dashboards, giving companies a measurable ROI that is supported by scientific and behavioral research.

“We’ve assembled an all-star roster of human capital leaders from some of the most innovative companies in the world to share their knowledge and inspire change at our first Shift event,” said Alexi Robichaux, CEO and co-founder of BetterUp. “In today’s economy, the most creative and strategic companies will win. The experiences at Shift will provide actionable insight on how business leaders can give their companies an edge by fostering imagination, inclusion and meaning in their workplaces.”

At Shift, attendees will hear fresh perspectives on meaning in the workplace and will be inspired by ideas that will enable them to transform their organizations.

Day 1 Sessions & Keynotes: Reimagining Meaning at Work, speakers and session highlights

  • John Seely Brown, PhD, Co-chair of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, will open with a keynote on imagination as a valuable business tool in his session, “Pragmatic Imagination: New Ways of Being at Work.”
  • Michael Ross, EVP of Human Resources at Visa together with BetterUp’s CEO Alexi Robichaux will engage in a fireside chat on how to transform your organization toward meaning and purpose.
  • Fred Kofman PhD, Vice President of Leadership & Organizational Development, LinkedIn and Director, Conscious Business Center International will offer an interactive session with hands-on exercises to build meaning in the workplace.
  • Patty McCord, Culture and Leadership Consultant and Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, will give a keynote on the “Future of Work.” In her talk, McCord will share insights into the shrinking concept of the “permanent employee,” as well as how demographics, technology, and consumer transparency have changed the way people work.
  • Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte will give the closing keynote on “New World Work,” focusing on corporate L&D, why many organizations have struggled to find impactful solutions, and how the market has started to adapt.

Day 2 Workshops: The Agile Culture: Equipping the Workforce for Success in Times of Constant Change

  • Dr. Levi Nieminen will explain how coaching can be leveraged to accelerate and enhance organizational transformation, while Dr. Shonna Waters will explore the role of coaching in supporting adaptive performance. Together, these workshops will outline the centrality of coaching to organizations looking to thrive during times of change.

Shift is an invitation-only event. Visit https://www.betterup.co/shift2018/ to learn more and see a full list of speakers.

About BetterUp

Founded in 2013, BetterUp is a mobile-based leadership development platform used by Fortune 500 companies. With a holistic, science-backed methodology, BetterUp develops new behaviors and mindsets that enable high performance amid constant and accelerating change. Through on-demand, virtual coaching sessions, users practice and reinforce new behaviors and skills. Individual growth is measured and tracked. With a diverse range of customers, including Genentech, Logitech and Workday, BetterUp inspires employees to build the skills to thrive personally and professionally. To learn more, visit www.betterup.co