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BetterUp Care powers the potential in everyone

Extraordinary possibilities exist within each employee. But that potential can only be unleashed with a healthy and resilient mind. In partnership with courageous leaders, BetterUp Care is bringing mental wellness and performance together to redefine how we create thriving organizations.

BetterUp Care’s Mental Health and Wellness platform harnesses the power of AI and machine learning — and the superpowers of our human guides and coaches — to deliver a unique plan for every employee and guide them on their growth journey. 

See how employees learn to actively engage and strengthen their mental muscles, build resilience, and reach beyond what they thought possible with a custom demo of BetterUp Care’s workplace wellness program.

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Revolutionizing mental health for all

Mental health is a driving force for each person’s ability to feel and perform at their best. But today's solutions aren't designed for everyone, and the range of support that people need goes beyond clinical care. BetterUp Care™ is customized to meet each person’s individual needs across the entire wellness spectrum. Here's how it works:

An unparalleled data set Care is driven by our industry-leading data set and AI-technology, so your employees get the right help at the right time.
A personalized team of experts Care is hyper-personalized and fundamentally human. Every employee gets access to their own team of behavior-change experts, such as sleep and nutrition specialists, as part of a custom growth plan.
Organizational insights The combination of AI-driven technology and expert-led behavioral science provides real-time insights into the health of your people and your organization.

Massive engagement, measurable results

When employees are provided with evidence-based digital coaching and tools that are personalized to their needs, they see significant increases in mental health and performance.

0X Increase in engagement
0 Net Promoter Score
0% Increase in productivity

Build cultural and financial health for your business

When you invest in personalized mental health coaching for your company, the personal and professional benefits are clear. Employees are less stressed, more productive, and more resilient against adversity. What does that mean for your organization? A substantial reduction in health care costs and a thriving, high-performing culture.

  • 3.3x

    Increase in employee retention

  • 3.6x

    Increase in Y/Y revenue growth

  • 14.3x

    ROI from reduced health care spend

A uniquely human experience

BetterUp Care™ is personalized to each individual. Based on a member’s needs, we connect them with the wellness coaching and resources needed to feel and perform at their best.


    Make a plan

    We start by getting to know your employee better — what’s working, what feels off, and what it looks like to be at their best. From there, we help them craft a health and wellness program and stick to it.


    Take action

    Once we know where each employee needs support, we provide personalized resources to guide them toward small improvements and big breakthroughs.


    Connect with experts

    Each member has access to a personal team of wellness coaches to help them over any hurdle or obstacle they might be facing.


    Learn and grow

    As employees get better at understanding how they’re feeling and why, they’re better able to handle what comes their way and discover new levels of wellness and performance.