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Here are the 11 most in-demand jobs to consider

October 5, 2022 - 14 min read


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Why should you seek an in-demand job?

The 11 most in-demand jobs

Let's not forget soft skills

Looking ahead

You want to love and enjoy your job. It should be joyful, exciting, and purposeful. But there's nothing wrong with wanting one of the most in-demand jobs because of all the opportunities they bring. You want to choose the best career for your desired lifestyle and life and career goals.

Working a job in high demand offers many benefits, including growth rate and potential career path. But that doesn't mean they're easy to find or particularly secure. They take research and planning, but it's well worth investigating if the most in-demand jobs could be a perfect fit.

Sometimes you go down a rabbit hole and things become more confusing. We'll break down some of the most in-demand jobs, what they demand from you, and what soft skills will help you land them.


Why should you seek an in-demand job?

Seeking an in-demand job is a smart move for present and future you. High-demand jobs are often more readily available, meaning your chances of finding employment are higher. Your current career choices will help you achieve your long-term goals. You have to start somewhere, and solid jumping-off points you up to succeed. 

Apart from just choosing a job you enjoy and find purpose in, you need to consider job security and stability and what kind of pay they offer. Since these positions are in-demand, they could also be high-paying jobs.

Their salaries could be competitive, helping you with any of your financial goals. A job with plenty of security means you're in a stable position with a steady income and financial wellness

You should also consider your career development, which benefits both your professional and personal life. What do you want your future to look like, even in the next two years? How would you like to grow? This growth mindset is infectious, and you'll start to think about overall self-improvement.

These aren't things you have to develop alone. At BetterUp, our coaches are here to help you develop a growth mindset and ask the questions you need to find a career that'll help you grow and fulfill you. 

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The 11 most in-demand jobs

You might not know what jobs are in-demand right now, but that's about to change. During economic uncertainty, you want to know that your career will be relevant and continue to support you. 

Knowing things like compensation ranges and where these jobs would have you live helps you plan the rest of your life. Perhaps they require an associate degree or a master's degree, and you need to budget time and money for extra schooling. Some of these jobs allow you to work from home, while others are on-site and make you travel.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps data on the most in-demand and fastest-growing jobs on the job market and predicts the next decade’s growth rate (starting in 2020). 


Check out these 11 in-demand jobs:

1. Nurse practitioner

Median salary: $123,780 a year

Nursing offers a variety of positions, like registered nurses (RNs), personal support workers (PSWs), and more. But a nurse practitioner has a growth rate of 52%, which is higher than most other in-demand jobs.

It requires a master's degree in nursing, but any job in healthcare is valuable. The pandemic has shown us just how essential medical professionals of all types are.

2. Information security analyst

Median salary: $102,600 a year

These analysts will plan and execute security measures to help keep the organization's networks safe. They dive deep into cybersecurity and usually work for computer companies, consulting firms, or other businesses.

Be prepared to have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or programming. Information security analysts don't have much on-the-job training, and people with related experience in other fields like computer science tend to stand out more to hiring managers. Information security analysts have a growth rate of 33%.

3. Statistician

Median salary: $97,570 a year

Statisticians usually love math and analyzing data to solve problems. Their skills allow them to work for various places, like the government, scientific research teams, businesses, and even information technology departments.

This career usually requires a master's degree, but some entry-level positions also accept a bachelor's degree in mathematics or statistics. Statisticians also have a projected growth rate of 35%.

4. Physical therapist assistants

Median salary: $61,180 a year

Physical therapist assistants help with patient care while supervised by their managers (usually physical therapists). They execute treatment plans for people who've been injured or need rehabilitation. You'll need an associate's degree plus a license or certification and some on-the-job training during your orientation.

As for your career path, after you've gained experience as an assistant, you can level up and become a physical therapist yourself after you earn your doctor of physical therapy degree and pass a state licensure exam. But for now, physical therapist assistants have a growth rate of 31%.


5. Economist

Median salary: $105,630

An economist will research, write reports, and problem-solve economic problems. They love to think critically, read comprehensively, and practice active listening.

If you’re looking to be an economist, you’ll need a master’s degree or doctoral degree in economics. Plus, don’t expect much on-the-job training because most people expect that you’ll already have the required knowledge and skills. Economist careers have a growth rate of up to 15%.

6. Wind turbine technicians

Median salary: $56,260 a year

We hope you aren't afraid of heights if you choose this job. A wind turbine technician installs, maintains, and repairs wind turbines. This allows you to work wherever the turbines are. But be prepared to work outside, in tight spaces, and at great heights.

Most technicians learn through a technician school, but on-the-job training is huge. Be ready to be on call in case of emergencies, too.

7.  Solar photovoltaic installers

Median salary: $47,670 a year

How do you feel about solar energy? As a solar photovoltaic installer, you're responsible for assembling, installing, and maintaining systems that help harness energy from the sun.

You'll be working outdoors on rooftops but also in attics or crawl spaces to connect the electrical grids. The growth rate for this career is 52% and requires at least a high school diploma, plus lots of training.

8. Data scientist

Median salary: $100,910 a year

A data scientist may work for organizations in various industries, like graphic designers, software engineering companies, project managers, and more. Data scientists analyze and process large sets of data to compare information, project future statistics, and organize information.

You'll need to be comfortable analyzing data in various ways and have a bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related industry. Your master’s degree in those industries gives you an edge, but they aren’t required. Data scientists have a growth rate of 30% for 2020-2030.


9. Film and video editors

Median salary: $62,680

Videos are everywhere, and someone needs to edit them. A video editor takes footage and creates videos ranging from quick social media clips to documentaries and movies. This is a job where you'd be able to work remotely across industries.

While a bachelor’s degree in a field related to broadcasting or film is preferred, it’s not a requirement. Networking and hands-on experience are also valuable. Film and video editors have a growth rate of 33%.

10. Fitness trainers

Median salary: $40,700 a year

We love Mental Fitness, but physical fitness is just as important. As a fitness trainer, you'll work with people one-on-one or in a class to help them reach their fitness goals and live healthy lives. You'll lead by example on how to take care of your body.

Fitness trainers only require a high school diploma, but degrees in subjects like kinesiology help. Fitness trainers have a growth rate of 39%.

11. Dental hygienist

Median salary: $77,810

As a dental hygienist, you’ll treat patients to help them have better oral hygiene. You’ll make notes on their record, give advice on oral health, and help a dentist when they need assistance.

Dental hygienist careers demand an associate’s degree in dental hygiene as well as some training on the job. The projected growth for this career from 2020-2030 is between 10-15%.

Let's not forget soft skills

In-demand careers aren't only looking for people with technical skills that apply to one industry. They want people with transferable, soft skills

Plus, these skills are in high demand. They make your resume stand out by showing how valuable you could be. Research has found that 85% of job success comes from people's soft skills.

Soft skills like resilience and adaptability give the hiring manager the idea that you have what it takes to succeed in any role. They also open you up to job growth and opportunities to level up within your industry.

Here's a quick list of helpful soft skills to have:

  • Problem-solving: No matter what industry you work in, you’ll need to think fast and come up with solutions to any number of problems.
  • Collaboration: Working well with others means you're a good listener, can share responsibilities, and pull your weight in projects.
  • Self-discipline: Your discipline speaks to your work ethic and attitude and demonstrates your dedication to your job.
  • Creative thinking: Thinking outside the box shows that you think critically, but you're also not afraid to push the limits and try new things.


Looking ahead

Thinking carefully about what career path you want to take takes time. You won't find what will give you purpose and enjoyment overnight. But checking out some of the most in-demand jobs at the moment will give you inspiration. 

It'll show you some of the fastest-growing jobs and what they require. Maybe one day, when you read a job posting, you'll see yourself in it. 

And whatever the job title might be, remember that your soft skills will always have a place. They'll be useful, whether you recognize them or not. 

Next time you're looking for a new job, don't forget to consider what's in high demand and how your skills will help you land those jobs.

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Published October 5, 2022

Elizabeth Perry

Content Marketing Manager, ACC

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