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5 Reasons HR leaders benefit from the BetterUp + Workday partnership

November 14, 2022 - 4 min read

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Eliminates time and complexity

Removes security concerns

Supercharges workforce insights with real-time information

Maximizes seat utilization

Helps guide future investments

Here at BetterUp, our number one goal is to get support, resources, and coaching into the hands of as many people as possible. To do this, we partnered with the world’s leading HCM, Workday, to help deliver coaching to employees at scale in the most secure and seamless way.

Below, discover 5 reasons why the BetterUp & Workday partnership delivers a best-in-class experience for HR executives and employees.

1. Takes the time and complexity of finding and implementing the best people program off of leaders' plates

Every year, Workday awards anywhere from 2–4 Design Integration Badges. BetterUp is the only app focused on helping people thrive professionally and personally in the Workday ecosystem. This seal of approval means that BetterUp is recommended by Workday as a platform to power your employee coaching and development needs.

Earning a Workday Design Integration Badge means that BetterUp has undergone months of thorough testing and vetting by the Workday team to ensure the utmost security, interoperability, and integration requirements to meet joint customer use cases.


2. Removes security concerns

In addition to earning a Workday badge, BetterUp is SOC-2 certified (System and Organization Controls 2). SOC-2 certification confirms the trustworthiness of the services that BetterUp provides and is a certification that is commonly used to assess the risks associated with outsourced software solutions that store customer data online. It is an additional layer of platform security that BetterUp maintains to ensure the ultimate level of security for partners when managing their employee BetterUp program.

3. Supercharges workforce insights with real-time information


When partners connect Workday to BetterUp, HR leaders are empowered to keep their BetterUp program up to date at all times and deploy coaching at the moments that matter most.

For instance, when a large global energy company undergoes its promotion and review cycle, they ensure that every employee promoted to People Manager gets a timely invitation to join BetterUp. This change in employee status in Workday is sent into the BetterUp PAD and allows automatic license provisioning at the exact time an employee makes a meaningful development. By meeting these moments with the ultimate support, employees are set up for success and empowered as they navigate their next chapter.

4. Maximizes seat utilization

All too often, when employees leave organizations, their paid-for programs and licenses sit unused. When partners connect Workday to BetterUp, employees that move on from the company will instantly have their license returned to the available pool of BetterUp seats so program managers can ensure maximum utilization. By configuring the HCM integration, more employees than ever will fully benefit from the investment.

5. Helps guide future investments based on outcomes studies

Configuring the Workday integration allows partners to analyze coached versus non-coached employee populations to understand the tangible impact that 1:1 development is having on their workforce. With these dynamic bi-annual reports, HR teams are equipped to propel more of their workforce to thrive with richer insights into the impact that coaching delivers.

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Published November 14, 2022

Caitlin Dowling

Customer Marketing Manager

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